Decision Engine


StrategyOne is a complete digital decisioning platform that enables your organization to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and margins, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures

Release your organization from the inflexibility and high costs of having hard-coded rules dispersed throughout your systems and embrace an enterprise decision management approach and technology that empowers business users.  
StrategyOne puts business people in the driver’s seat to quickly and easily implement, test, monitor and change business rules, credit scores, calculations and entire decision processes without coding, leading to automated and confident decision-making throughout your enterprise.  

It is a complete digital decisioning platform that enables your organization to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and margins, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures.

From pre-screening and credit underwriting to ongoing credit risk management and marketing campaigns and collection strategies, StrategyOne spans the customer lifecycle, covering all aspects of decision management with graphical, user-friendly decision-making technology

  • Enable your business experts to author and test decision logic using intuitive visual designer that requires zero coding. Increase the velocity of change avoiding typical issues related to the translation of business requirements into code specifications.

  • Augment human expertise with AI to achieve greater business value (Augmented Intelligence - IA): Monetize analytic investments enhancing human’s capacity to get expert decisions with the ability of machine learning to evaluate multiple and unconventional factors. Business experts can design strategies dragging and dropping machine learning models in the designer and then play with them (e.g. what-if analysis, champion/challenger, etc…) without caring of any coding issue.
  • Bring control through standardized and centralized decisions that help achieve Basel, IFRS9 and other compliance requirements, and consistency of decisions at all stages of the customer lifecycle, from Engagement and Origination to Customer Management and Collection. The DevOps and ModelOps is much more efficient because all decision logic is designed and executed from a centralized location.

  • Improve the effectiveness of your strategies discovering new optimized strategies with our AI based assisted strategy designer
  • Monitor your strategies in an easy way in order to measure your business objectives and promptly react to gain more and limit losses.
  • Gives access to CRIF professionals who can help you realize all these benefits through consultancy, setup, training, configuration and ongoing support.

  • Intuitive visual designer to author and test decision logics that requires zero coding

  • What-If analysis in order to massively evaluate the impact of your strategy or compare with a benchmark.

  • Advanced Simulation to graphically see which parts of the process are working well and which need adjustments.

  • Business User can self-configure KPIs and evaluate them on production data without the need of involving the IT

  • Champion / Challenger approach to compare two or more models in order to promote the one that performs best.

  • Analytics and Machine Learning execution. Compatibility with the most popular open source libraries (Python, R) and PMML models ( .

  • Discovery of alternative optimized strategies analyzing historical data with our StrategyLab The tool, with an intuitive user interface, enables business experts to set up the policy rules, the business goal and constraints to meet. Leveraging on machine learning and optimization, StrategyLab will suggest alternative strategies that meet the business goal and constraints.

  • Deploy new decision logics without downtime

  • All the changes are Previous versions of the decision processes are always available and can be used for audit.

  •  Monitor, using our StrategyInsight tool, the performance of your decision strategies with self-made (no code) dashboards and query your live data in production without having a rigid data warehouse. Be notified with alerts in case of special events in production.

  • Full explainability of decisions.

  • Decision logics can be integrated within other applications (e.g. workflows) using our REST and SOAP API or can run on batch file data.

We strongly believe that the primary objective of AI is to empower humans to work better and smarter. This is the reason why we believe that augmented intelligence (the usage of AI to enhance the human decision) is better than just artificial intelligence (replacing the human decision).

For that reason, we decided to provide our customers with a unique suite of tools that enable the organizations to maximize the usage of the AI in a simple and effective way.

  • Create powerful predictors with CRIF Studio in our SaaS Analytics Sandbox. Learn more about CRIF Studio.
  • Turn predictors in business value discovering the optimal decision strategy, using our decision optimization tool StrategyLab.
  • Rapidly operationalize decision strategies with StrategyOne Decision Engine
  • Explore and Monitor the business results with StrategyInsight


Discover how some of the world's most important companies improved their performance and defined a brand-new digital path, both for them and for their clients.

for an online Retail Bank with a strong Nordic presence


The client needed to automate loan origination process while improving multichannel experience and automatic approval

  • Fully Automated Origination Process
  • Automatic Approval within the Origination Process fully integrated with bank portals
  • +300 %

    Volume of applications processed

  • 55 %

    Savings in underwriting capacity

  • -50 %

    Time to cash

for a Tier-1 Bank.


The client needed to automate the credit process and integrate pre-existing databases

  • Automated Credit process
  • Service Oriented Architecture based on Workflow and Decision/Rules Engine
  • Integration of a common database
  • -10 bp

    Cost of Credit

  • -38 %

    Time to Cash

  • -24 %

    Print and archive costs

for a Leading European Financial Services Company


The client needed to automate the rating process while implementing a decision engine and reducing the costs

  • New Decision Engine
  • New workflow
  • +10 %

    Increase in Automated Approval

  • +15 %

    Increase in application decisions in 15 min

  • -25 %

    Running Costs

  • -80 %

    Infrastucture Costs


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