Collection solution


CLever is an omnichannel and client-centric collection hub. It is A complete and streamlined solution for flexible and configurable debt collection management

CLever provides automation and control through a dedicated software platform for complete and streamlined management of the collection processes through late collection and recovery.

CLever combines workflow management, integration capabilities and strategic decision management into an intuitive web-based user interface. CLever includes comprehensive data storage, embedded business intelligence and extensive reporting.

CLever facilitates proactive and effective collection cycle management in a unique platform, covering analysis, segmentation and strategy elaboration through to action execution and results tracking.

A variety of modules support the process phases and all customers segments.

CLever allows an organisation to achieve a more effective management of accounts in arrears through a structured definition of tasks, assignments and policies alongside constant enforcement and monitoring, thus enabling significant process streamlining and automation.

CLever allows lenders, telco/media and energy/utility firms to collect more with less in a smarter, easier way.

CLever can suit the needs of many different types of organisations, providing immediate support for delinquency management, with a minimal set-up effort.

CLever is an omnichannel and client-centric collection hub.


CLever is a dedicated software platform for the complete and streamlined management of debt collection. Different modules in the solution support the organisation for the end-to-end handling of the process phases and customer segments.

Process phases

  • Analysis – The analysis of each customer account, their related exposure and performance information allows the assessment of the case severity and guarantees the possibility to undertake informed decisions.
  • Decision – Data can be elaborated through the CLever decision engine graphical interface, with the possibility of deriving indexes and measures.
  • Execution –CLever comes with an intuitive web-based front-end designed around collectors and their requirements. All significant data pertaining to the collection case are displayed and organised in a way that facilitates case inspection and the collector’s work.
  • Monitoring – CLever provides a rich set of information describing each action undertaken on a collection case. This data is held within the CLever database enabling extensive monitoring and effective process control.
  • Architecture – CLever’s architecture combines workflow management, batch calculation, a decision engine and business intelligence into a single platform.

The CLever solution delivers a core architecture providing the key elements for supporting the collection process. Additional optional modules can be implemented and seamlessly integrated into the software to provide more specialised and detailed functionality.

This flexibility allows the solution to adapt easily to the needs of the organisation and grow as the capabilities and requirements of the team expand.


CRIF professionals can help realise these benefits through consultancy, setup, training, configuration and ongoing support.

CLever represents the natural evolution within the industry vertical of CRIF process management and decision-making solutions in the collection context.

CLever can deliver the requirements for many types of organisations, providing immediate support to delinquency management, with minimum set-up effort, in environments where a new collection infrastructure is to be implemented. Alongside this, CLever can help mature organisations in reshaping their collection operations. CRIF is adaptable with extensive customisation possibilities to evolve the solution according to the individual needs and requirements of the customer.  

The CLever solution delivers:

  • Workflow management
  • Integration capabilities
  • Strategic decision management
  • Web-based front-end
  • Data storage
  • Business intelligence and reporting

Implementing CLever as collection platform enables an organisation to:

  • Minimise project complexity
  • Reduce the delivery timeframe
  • Limit the involvement of resources in the project
  • Have a minimal impact on IT infrastructure
  • Keep project costs under control
  • Deploy a solution that can grow and evolve with the requirements of collection operations
  • Maximise recovery rates
  • Minimise the cost of risk
  • Optimise the management of external agencies
  • Effectively manage the team of internal collectors
  • Preserve customer relationships

CLever is proven to deliver:

  • +15% collection performance
  • -20% FTE


Process control

CLever provides enhanced process governance. Tight control is provided along the entire case working cycle. Debt collection management ensures a systematic implementation of the approach and application of the business rules.

Timeliness and flexibility

CLever provides increased flexibility and a reduction in both time-to-action and time-to recovery statistics. This is delivered with the automation of key steps in the process (primarily evaluation and decision-making) and through integration of the many actors involved into a unique electronic platform.

Constant evolution and growth

CLever delivers a constant evolution and adaptation of collection strategies by leveraging the data stored in the system and utilising the extensive range of reporting available.

Resource optimisation

With targeted account assignment, workload balancing capabilities and prioritisation features, CRIF CLever can ensure that resources are utilised in an optimal way.

Accounts management

CLever provides the collection manager with the tools and automation required for complete management of delinquent accounts and enables the organisation to recover the maximum value of outstanding balances with the minimum impact on the customer relationship.

Constant monitoring

CLever provides extensive and configurable reporting enabling a high level of monitoring across both active and historic case data. An intuitive and graphical interface allows the business user to be constantly appraised of the live situation as well as being able to review past performance.

Streamlining and automation

CLever allows the business processes to be streamlined into the most efficient path with business modelling allowing the organisation to actively refine the approach. Automation of low value account handling and standard procedures frees up call handlers to prioritise the higher value and more complex cases.


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for a Tier-1 Bank


The client needed to create a unified collection system that could integrate with external systems

  • Unified Collection System
  • End-to-end management of origination and monitoring processes
  • 1 Million

    Contracts processed Daily

  • 1000

    Users simultaneously working on the system

  • 6000

    Calls processed simultaneously

for an important Telco Company


The client needed to implement a unique collection system while reducing time to decision and decreasing operational overtime

  • Decision Engine to speed up time to market
  • Decision Engine to support Collection process
  • -46 days

    Reduction of time to recovery (default clients)

  • +15 %

    Collection performance

  • -20 %



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