Use Cases

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening PAIN POINTS

  • Assess tenant reliability and ability to pay
  • Reduce risk of being unpaid
  • Reduce need of collateral warranties

Tenant Screening: HOW IT WORKS

CRIF is able to provide connectivity needed to access to bank accounts.

Consent needed is acquired in two different ways: recurring and one-time access

CRIF downloads and analyzes each bank account transaction of income and expenses

Then, a proprietary categorization algorithm classifies the transactions into a specific category

The rent worthiness score expresses a measure of the predictive payment risk regarding a potential house tenant, by aggregating the most significant information of the current accounts available

Also, spending transactions are analyzed and summarized in a trend and current situation

Thanks to our advanced analytics, our solution is able to provide the monthly affordable instalment


Tenant Screening BENEFITS

  • > 90% categorization accuracy for better customer profiling
  • > 200 categories for consumer
  • +50% GINI Credit Score of current account transaction data


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