Use Cases



SMARTadvisor offers a wide range of tools for sharing, editing, and compiling screenshots and documents to assist customers as if they were there in person and guide them in their choice. It is also possible to remotely control the customer’s room for document and image capture.
SMARTadvisor allows an interaction enriched by collaboration features directly managed by the operator to make the user experience more fluid and accessible by anyone.

Screen sharing
SMARTadvisor supports screen sharing. For example, operators can show customers an application or a website on their device. The screen sharing feature is also available in the direction of the customer toward the operator and can be activated with the prior consent of the customer, on the initiative of the operator (on the desktop channel and with specific browsers).

Document sharing
SMARTadvisor allows efficient document sharing. On the sole initiative of the operator, it is possible to show the customer any type of document. Depending on the configuration, this can be preloaded in the process ensuring greater security or loaded on the spot by the operator.

Live document collaboration
The end customer and the operator can annotate, highlight and then discuss a document by viewing it and browsing the pages together with synchronized collaboration tools. This allows the parties involved to be able to discuss a document, for example a contract, just as if they were in person.

Operator-assisted user device configuration
This feature allows the operator to check and, if necessary, configure the user’s device during communication on that device. This is particularly useful when there are communication difficulties, which can occur when, for example, the user has more than one camera or microphone simultaneously connected to the PC.

Remote scanning
During a SMARTadvisor interaction, control of the video capture devices is delegated to the operator or to the process itself. In addition, the capturing of the framed document is the responsibility of the operator or the system, and never the user, thus reducing the effort of the user, who is only required to frame the document to be captured.

Operator-controlled file upload
On the initiative of the operator, SMARTadvisor allows the end user to be provided with a simple and intuitive interface for uploading files. These files can later be shown during the call itself, on the initiative of the operator, within the document sharing tool. For example, it is possible that the operator dedicated to a loan disbursement service asks the user to upload a pay slip to assess the eligibility of the application. After receiving the file, the operator will be able to show it again to the customer to discuss it together using the platform’s collaboration tools.


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