Hometrack is the leader in Automated Valuation Model (AVM) technology in the UK, Australia and - through other Group companies - in the Netherlands and other markets.

Kaspersky is the largest private company in the world producing and selling endpoint security solutions.

Areté is an independent research, analysis, and financial consulting company specializing in agriculture, food, and related markets areas

Credit Data Research Italia is a leading company promoting access to subsidized finance tools and the improvement of the business-lender dialogue.

KYND, based in London, was founded in 2018 and has been internationally recognised on the CyberTech 100 list.

SCS Consulting was selected by Forbes Italia among the Top 10 consulting companies that stood out in 2020 for its systematic contribution to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

We Wealth supports the digital transformation of the Wealth Management world thanks to a communication system based on profiling technologies, high quality content and artificial intelligence.

White Blue Ocean combines the most innovative technologies with artificial intelligence to constantly discover new sources of data put at risk on the dark and open web and guarantee the digital security of people and businesses.

Workinvoice is the first online marketplace in Italy for invoice factoring.

YOLO is the leading Italian group dealing with digital insurance intermediation services.

Fido has created the first European platform to boost the ability to assess the creditworthiness of consumers through the analysis of digital signals and machine learning.

InnovEcoS  is a CRIF Global Innovation Hub Accelerating CRIF positioning  as a Fintech and Fintech enabler which is Committed to discover promising business models and attractive partnerships for Boosting businesses through research, experimentation, new collaborations and the continuous engagement of CRIF people.