Smart Company Forecasting: CRIF's Financial Planning Solution

Accurate financial planning is crucial to the success of any business. It allows companies to make informed decisions, set realistic goals and allocate resources effectively.

In today's dynamic business environment, traditional forecasting methods may fall short when it comes to providing timely and accurate insights. This is where CRIF's Smart Company Forecasting solution comes into play. By leveraging advanced technologies and data analytics, this innovative solution empowers businesses to forecast with precision and confidence.

The Importance of Financial Planning

Financial planning forms the foundation of a company's strategic decision-making process. It involves analyzing historical data, market trends, and internal factors to project future financial performance. Effective financial planning enables companies to:

  1. Align Objectives: By setting clear financial goals and targets, companies can align their resources and activities to achieve the desired outcomes.
  2. Make Informed Decisions: Accurate financial forecasts provide insights into revenue projections, cost management and investment opportunities, allowing companies to make informed decisions about resource allocation, expansion plans and risk management.

  3. Mitigate Risks: Financial planning helps identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. By conducting scenario analysis and stress testing, companies can better navigate uncertainties and ensure business continuity.

  4. Monitor Performance: Regular monitoring and review of financial plans enable companies to track their actual performance against projections. This helps identify areas for improvement, adjust strategies and take proactive measures to stay on track.

Introducing CRIF's Smart Company Forecasting Solution

Quantitative Analysis

The Smart Company Forecasting solution reclassifies financial statements from the last three financial years according to the models chosen by the bank for each economic sector.

The parametric model creates an automatic evaluation of the following documents:

  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

Forward-Looking Analysis

This feature assesses the evolution of business and financial parameters which, starting from the financial statement history, leads to the development of pro forma financial statements.

The goal is to forecast the ability of a company to generate CFFO (Cash Flow From Operations) and FCF (Free Cash Flow)


The Smart Company Forecasting interface can be embedded directly in the bank’s loan origination /monitoring system. The account manager/credit manager/other users start the creditworthiness assessment process through the user interface. The other key system components are the analysis engine, including reclassification modules, and the data model.

Benefits of CRIF's Smart Company Forecasting Solution

CRIF's Smart Company Forecasting solution brings several benefits to financial institutions:

  • Multi-year financial projection
  • Compliance with EBA LOM guidelines and with IFRS9 impairment calculation requirements
  • Increased long-term view of the company
  • Automated standard balance sheet analysis
  • Flexible and customized financial statement analysis
  • Leveraging of expertise in forward-looking estimates and underlying models
  • On premises or “as a service” deployment models, allowing high speed implementation

Moreover, CRIF’s Smart Company Forecasting solution also brings benefits to end customers:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved credit analysis thanks to greater efficiency of the personnel involved in the company assessment process
  • Reduced time to decision

Empower Your Financial Planning with CRIF

CRIF's Smart Company Forecasting solution offers financial institutions a comprehensive and powerful solution to enhance their financial planning capabilities.

By partnering with CRIF, financial institutions can:

  1. Access Reliable Data: Import data from various sources, providing comprehensive and reliable information to support financial forecasts.

  2. Leverage Advanced Analytics: Use of advanced analytics techniques to analyze data and uncover meaningful insights.

  3. Customize and Tailor: Define and customize the reclassification schema. Whether it's defining key performance indicators (KPIs) or adjusting forecasting models, CRIF ensures that the solution aligns seamlessly with the organization's unique objectives and processes.

  4. Gain a Competitive Advantage: By leveraging CRIF's Smart Company Forecasting solution, financial institutions can gain a competitive edge in the market. Accurate financial forecasting enables companies to seize opportunities, adapt to market changes and make proactive strategic decisions, positioning themselves ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, CRIF's Smart Company Forecasting solution revolutionizes financial planning by combining data analytics, insights and much more. By harnessing the power of this innovative solution, financial institutions can improve their financial forecasting accuracy, optimize resource allocation, mitigate risks and ultimately achieve their strategic objectives.