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Webinar: Value added financial services for SMEs

SMEs, and in particular micro and small businesses, are the backbone of the European economy. This segment includes over 25 million companies, with a total turnover of more than €10bn.

An increasing number of banks and incumbents within the financial services industry are now better addressing the needs of the micro and small business segment. How?

By adopting Business Financial Management (BFM) solutions that can help customers drive growth by controlling their finances, planning future purchases, and taking decisions based on sound insights.


  • The guest speaker Aurelie L’Hostis - Senior Analyst at Forrester – provided us an overview and some key takeaways about services that can truly add value to SMEs
  • Guest speaker Yam Hung Chan - Senior Manager – Digital and Channels for HSBC Hong Kong

  • The Strands expert Bavani Meganathan - Senior Consultant at Strands - provided us some tangible examples on how to build concrete use cases for SMEs insight driven engagement