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CRIF and Anonos Join Forces to Deliver Responsible AI Solutions Through Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Data in the Age of Generative AI

New York City and Bologna, May 23, 2023 - CRIF- a global company specializing in credit and business information systems, outsourcing and processing services, as well as advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking, and Anonos - an innovator in enterprise data privacy, security and enablement, partner to deliver disruptive privacy-enhancing technologies for protecting personal and sensitive data.

The collaboration brings together industry leaders committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for data-driven enterprises.

In regulated environments such as finance, the potential for innovation in AI model development is often hindered by data privacy risks and biases inherent in real-world data. Synthetic data generated by AI algorithms offers a solution by statistically mimicking real data without revealing identifiable information. Synthetic data has become crucial for the future of AI, given the increasing regulatory emphasis on data privacy and responsible AI, as demonstrated by the EU's AI-Act – a need accelerated by the recent disruptive impact of generative AI. However, the quality of synthetic data often depends on the quality of the model that created it and the dataset developed.

To gain a better understanding of the technology, CRIF opted for an open innovation approach to identify a best-in-class synthetic data technology provider. Following a comprehensive evaluation of 12+ synthetic data tech providers over fourteen months, CRIF chose Anonos as its global partner. CRIF’s customers can access Anonos' Data Embassy technology for privacy-preserving synthetic datasets, unlocking the full potential of their real-world data.

At CRIF, we believe in the power of open innovation and collaboration with startups as a key driver for accelerating innovation. Our Venture Client Program, successfully driven by InnovEcos, CRIF’s Global Open Innovation Hub, aims to find the most promising long-term partners to solve CRIF innovation challenges and meet specific business model integration criteria,”- said Natalia Shchelovanova, Global Open Innovation Lead at CRIF, InnovEcoS.

Anonos’ patented Data Embassy software uses a unique combination of state-of-the-art privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) to transform personal and sensitive data assets into protected outputs, which retain analytical value and can be shared across departments or international borders.

By leveraging Anonos' technology, CRIF can create a safe data environment for their customers to unlock new data insights compliantly, allowing better decisions and accelerating digital innovation. 

"We chose Anonos because of their unique award-winning technology and the deep expertise they demonstrated in the use cases relevant for our clients,” said Pierpaolo Cristaudo, Head of Global Data Science at CRIF. “Our clients can now access synthetic data generated by Anonos directly within the CRIF Studio analytical suite. This will enable data scientist teams to use the most advanced synthetic data solutions in a seamless manner, ensuring the highest standards of data protection."

"We are delighted to partner with CRIF, a leading enterprise in the credit bureau and business information services industry," said Steve Prestidge, Chief Commercial Officer of Anonos.

"Together, we will enable CRIF's clients on their race from idea to innovation, allowing them to optimize their datasets while ensuring privacy and security."

About Anonos

Anonos is an innovator in enterprise data privacy, security and enablement. Our globally patented, award-winning Data Embassy software digitizes and technologically enforces privacy and security policies, so organizations can safely optimize their sensitive data assets across departments or around the globe. The solution uses a combination of privacy-enhancing technologies to transform source data into lawful variations that can travel everywhere thanks to the embedded technical controls that ensure compliance. From testing through production, we provide enterprises with full-spectrum data protection for their use cases regardless of environment for faster speed to insight and value. Learn more by visiting