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Banco BPM chooses CRIF Open Banking accelerators

Banco BPM has long had a strong digital transformation program in place called “DOT - Digital Omnichannel Transformation”, which aims to accelerate and promote a culture of innovation, generate know-how by fostering collaboration, and propose value-added products and services to its customers.

Since its inception, the DOT program has implemented important innovations in the group such as, for example, the digitalization of sales processes based on an omnichannel approach, the transformation to paperless branch processes, and the creation of new ways of interacting with its customers, including remotely.

To accelerate its evolution toward “open” business models, Banco BPM decided to adopt the CRIF Personal and Business Financial Management solutions to offer its customers powerful digital advisory tools to support them in day-to-day cash flow management.

"We recognized CRIF as a partner with long-standing experience in the Italian and international banking world able to provide innovative Open Banking services and as-a-service offerings. This choice will enable us to offer value-added solutions to our customers and improve the time-to-market of our initiatives.”

Stefano Cioffi, Head of Digital Services and Open Banking at Banco BPM