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Alba Leasing

Alba Leasing relaunches Digital Marketing with the help of CRIF


Leverage open banking opportunities through better knowledge of the customer base using advance marketing analytics


Digital real-time marketing makes the most of all Open Banking opportunities, and offers a new customer experience based on the ability to understand customer needs when they arise and meet those needs with an offering of “Ecosystem” products and services. Specifically, this is the Growth Engine phase, which is part of Crif Digital platform, the power of Artificial Intelligence, Open Data, and CRIF’s information assets, to develop a dynamic business approach that is always in line with customer needs.

The project with CRIF has been a great success. We have increased what we know about our customers, reduced the costs of contact by one-third, and speeded up the ‘time to yes’. The step-by-step approach built with CRIF has given us KPIs that will be used on a daily basis in Alba Leasing’s digital and business-as-usual activities, cutting costs and enhancing customer relations.”

Teresa Alberti, Change Management and Business Innovation at Alba Leasing

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Find out about the full experience of Alba Leasing, which has increased what it knows about its customers, reduced the costs of contact by one-third, and speeded up the ‘time to yes’.



Randstad started its digitalization process several years ago to take advantage of new and emerging technologies, both for customers and candidates.

“Innovation has always been part of Randstad's DNA,” commented Alessandro Selmi, Business Operations & Payroll Director, “and technology is the beating heart of our company. The goal of innovation is to keep people at the centre of processes. We call this approach the Human Touch.”

Instant lending for SMEs: CRIF partners with AideXa: innovation to the nth degree

Innovation, speed, transparency, and simplicity are the founding principles of the
partnership between AideXa, the successful Fintech project of Roberto Nicastro and Federico
Sforza, and CRIF, a global company specializing in credit and business information systems
and advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking.

CIVIBANK and CRIF create a value-added ecosystem for customers

Support consumers and businesses in obtaining the benefits offered by the ‘Superbonus 110%’ tax credit, as provided for by the Italian ‘Recovery Decree’ (Decreto Rilancio).